Human Resource is an integral part of any company, and plays a major role in a company's lifecycle. A good Human Resource Management System is the need of the hour. A good HRMS system will keep a business compliant, automate/streamline processes, consolidate information and prevent important deadlines being missed. Ultimately, this results in teams being better connected and staff proactively managed without a huge amount of additional effort by HR and managers once the HR system is in place.

We have developed a Human Resource Management System by our expert team, with the best of features packed with Custom Development Process followed at every level of development cycle. Developed with highest levels of security for secure data transmission to ensure 0% data loss as it contains sensitive data of employees and employers as well, plus comes with the loads of features like :

1) Payroll management: It helps you to manage Salary , Payslip Manager, Allowance, Bonus, Tax Management, Provident Fund, Insurance (ESI, Endowment Policies, Term policies), Deductions, Commission Distribution, Advance Salary, Reimbursement, Loan, Shift,Tax Declaration, Balance Sheet Management

2)Recruitment and on-board management- Job Posting, Profile Management, Candidate Shortlisting, interview scheduling & reference checking, Staff requisition workflows

3)Employee scheduling - Employee profile manager, Employee data import, Timesheets (Budget & Effort Variance), Attendance and Biometric Integration, Assignments,Leaves,Transfer,Resignation, Employee Travel Management, Awards, Complaints, Memos, Performance Evaluation, Skills Assessment

4)Attendance Management: Managing all the data related to employes's attendance

5) Benefits Management

6) Performance evaluation

7) Employee scheduling

8) Permission based access for different levels of user also known as role based user access and many more...

Why do you need HRMS?

• Human resource management systems saves a lot of time

• It is easily accessible

• It enhances your decision making skills

• Performance management becomes easy

• Reduces expenditures

• Measurable ROI


• Our HRMS can be customized as per client's requirement and it suits your budget as well

• We provide round-the-clock customer support

• Our HRMS is Easy to Use, say goodbye to long trainings

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