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Learning Management System

Learning Management SystemLearning Management System

LMS stands for Learning Management System in an integrated system for managing the learning & development process.LMS is computer software, which is mainly designed to deliver learning programs like, education course and training programs assessment.

What is LMS?

  • Learning: The meaning of Learning in LMS, is to provide an education course like study material and training program.
  • Management: The Meaning of Management in LMS, is to maintain your data like you can edit, change and upload them in LMS as per organizer requirement.
  • System: It stands as software the whole process is working as system software.

The feature of Learning Management System:

LMS having different Features and Functions but it totally depends on you and your software development company because most of the organizations customize their LMS system as per there requirement, but here are some common Functions which are mention below:

  • Identification of the Learning needs
  • Assessing the Skill gaps by using Analytical data and Reports,
  • Creating Courses
  • Allocation of Course Materials
  • Creation of Assessments
  • Tracking Progress
  • Publishing Results etc.

Benefits of LMS

There are Further Benefits of LMS which Are Mention Below:

  • All Course Material In One Location: This is important and most relevant benefits of LMS, here you will get complete knowledge of training program or also you will get complete education stuff in Learning Management System.
  • Unlimited Access: The another Key benefit of LMS is that you don't need to add any subscription plan while you need to add another user here you can and multiple users to use LMS or even you can add Unlimited User in Your Learning Management System.
  • Track progress: Before adding another course or assignment in LMS you can track or identify the progress of trainee.
  • Identification of gaps in learning: In this key benefit you will always identify that the trainee will able to understand your assignment or you can also understand there learning gap.
  • Reduce learning and Development curve: It will help you to Reduce your L&D time because in this software the content is well organized so you will get detail info.
  • Easily track employees’ compliance understanding
  • Ease of publishing the course content, assessments, and results.

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