About us

Mindz Technology, backed by the passion to innovate and desire to work for next generation technology registered its presence in information technology arena 8 years back, today recognized for next generation business enhancing products like ERP, CRM, HRMS, e Learning and e Market Place and technology consulting & services company. Our products portfolio is cloud based and works on SAAS business model.

Mindz Technology Driven By: CARE

Customer Focus (C): With each passing day we strategically target to achieve all round customer success. We are committed to delivering solutions and services that make our customers blossom in all shades of business. To succeed and win the trust of our customers, with highest level of commitment we meet their expectations every single day with every interaction.

Accountability (A): Accountability and integrity are at the two core elements that derive us. We are accountable for our actions to our customers, our partners, and to each other. We do not make commitments we do not intend to keep.

Respect(R): We nurtured an environment of teamwork and mutual respect. We respect our peers, our customers, and our partners. We respect diversity and openness.

Excellence(E): We are passion driven to achieve highest standards of innovation and quality. We endeavor to achieve excellence in our solutions, services, support, and partnerships. We set high standards for excellence and aim to exceed them with each passing moment. Common driving force for everyone at Mindz Technology is the level of commitment cumulatively towards customer success.