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The Best Procurement Application For E-purchasing Platform

by Mindz

Posted on May 25, 2019 at 4:27 PM

Procurement application is cloud-based market place in which the buyer and supplier interact with each other for business to business online purchase. If you are looking for the best procurement application development company then visit at Mindz Technology, here you will get an expert team of developer to provides you customization of e-procurement Software. Basically, procurement software contains three main panels which are mention below:

  • Admin Panel 
  • Buyer Panel 
  • Supplier Panel

3 Major Panels will help you Automate your Purchasing Process

Admin Panel

Admin panel is the major panel of the application because you will easily manage the whole procurement application through the Admin panel. Admin has the authority to create multiple panels as per categories, sub-categories, and product wise, also admin can add supplier & buyer to create e-marketplace application.

Buyer panel 

The important task of the buyer is procuring the good and services which the organization required. In the buyer panel, you will get the integration of multiple modules which helps you to purchase goods and services, few of the important modules are mention below: 

  • Dashboard
  • Supplier list or add multi vendors 
  • Indent wise REQ modules 
  • RFP modules 
  • Negotiation periods
  • Purchase Order 
  • Payment modules
  • Notification Bar

Supplier Panel

In the supplier panel, you need to respond appropriately because most of the buyer is looking for best good and services at the minimum budget so, our procurement application is the integration of following modules which helps you to manage buyer requirements:

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Buyer
  • Manage RFPs
  • Negotiations
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice 
  • Payment Status
  • Notification module

If you want to know the functionality of Procurement software application in India then you can Request A Free Demo at Mindz Technology so our executive will understand the importance of automation process in B2B to trade goods and services as well. 


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